IAX2 DDNS issues - was working until I updated DDNS server

Hello, I have a weird problem related to IAX2. I have two boxes running FreePBX, and they were doing great until I had to update a router that does not allow the prior DDNS service to be configured.
After configuring the new DDNS and changing the host= line on the IAX trunk config, the system does not allow further calls.
After digging a bit using CLI it shows that if I run iax2 reload, it gets the correct IP address based on the host DDNS I configured, but after one minute or so, it apparently grabs the old IP address from the former DDNS server (which is no longer in use) and connection is lost.
Very odd, as I could not find any other setting where the old DDNS FQDN is set. However, it is clear that it gets the updated address from the correct DDNS service when I reload IAX2, and a couple of minutes later it changes it using the discontinued DDNS out of the blue.
Any help will be appreciated.

You would need to post exactly how you are updating DDNS

Did you restart asterisk, or only reload? Restart if you haven’t already done so.

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