IAX2 CLI Missing

Hi Folks,

I’ve just installed AsteriskNOW (Latest version 2.0.2)
Got the config sorted to a greater degree and have two soft SIP clients connected internally & working.

I’ve also configured a trunk (IAX2) in the web GUI but it doesn’t seem to be working /registering. After a bit of googling I wanted to check the registration status but in the CLI there seems to be no IAX2 command.

I’ve tried ‘iax2 show peers’ but just get back
No such command ‘iax2 show peers’

I think I may be missing something pretty simple here but any help is appreciated.


Since you are not too far into being stuck with AsteriskNow I would recommend dumping it and installing the real FreePBX distro. There are too many problems with AsteriskNow.

Hi Alan,

Good advice thanks, that’s now all working. Didn’t realise there was such a difference. Sadly now discovered my provider doesn’t fully support IAX trunks but instead recommends SIP ones.