IAX Update in latest asterisk / requirecalltoken

Have a feature request, the latest asterisk versions introduced some changes in the IAX protocol.


I am using IAXmodem and some older asterisk clients i have no control over therefore i need to add to each and every IAX client :
requirecalltoken = auto

I do it manually now but after each config change in Asterisk the change is gone obviously, can this parameter be settable from FreePBX please?


Try to set requirecalltoken=auto in /etc/asterisk/iax_general_custom.conf
It should set that globally and you wont have to do it for each iax client.

Then do an iax2 reload in the asterisk cli.

same problem here, and the problem is not solved by setting

in iax_general_custom.conf

its only working when i set it directly in iax_additionals.conf in each device section.

But thats gone after freepbx reload. Tried nearly every config file, no success.

the error message in full log says to set calltokenignore list,

but this option doesnt have any effect at all.

Please read this thread and see if that helps: