IAX trunks connecting systems-go offline

I have 6 IPitomy systems and a Freepbx all on the same network. Their network is /16 All the systems are all within the same segment 10.10.5.xxx. In the monitoring for the IPitomy systems the connection has a registration time of <3ms. The IAX peer report on the Freepbx shows only one connection. At first I could not get the connections to work. I had to turn off IPtables and then all the connections started working. The Freepbsx at this time is only being used for a voicemail system. At some point we will probably hook phones to it. Any ideas why I would have to turn off IPtables to get this to work? And why the connections would not show up in the IAX reports?


iax uses different ports - were they open and routed properly on the freepbx system

Iax uses port 4569 - I don’t understand your question “were they open and routed properly on the Freepbx system” I haven’t seen anything saying I needed to do anything on the FreePBX If I missed something please let me know where I can get more info

and said that once you turned off iptables everything worked. so my question was whether you had properly configured iptables for this port and the ip addresses of the other pbx’s

since turning off iptables fixed the issue, it says to me that you have a problem in your firewall configuration

Yeah you are right there must be something I missed there. I guess I assumed that all traffic on the lan that is set in the system would be allowed.