IAX Trunk not working if Remote Freepbx has same extension


I have two freepbx with same series extensions. I have to call From Server A ( ext 1111 ) to server B at ( ext 1111) via IAX using follow me. Call not going through.

Please help

You are going to need to assign numeric prefixes to each system. So that when you call server A, prefix numbers with a 1 and server B gets prefix 2. So calling 1111 on server B means you must dial 21111. Use the outbound routes to strip the prefix digit(s).


Both server has same extensions and team will dial any digit before ext like 21111.

it is possible to do something in routes /

It sounds like you want the PBX to know by way of magic whether the user intends to reach server A’s extension 1111 or server B’s extension 1111.

Fortunately Sangoma has a Magic Routing module in beta, authored by @lgaetz (which is why it doesn’t work).

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