IAX Trunk MOH Issue

My brother and I have an IAX trunk between us. I know, IAX is going away and PJSIP is the way to do things, but just haven’t done it yet. IAX still works just fine for us. In any event, my brother set up a new MOH category, MOH1, and set his inboud route to use the new MOH1 and did the same to his main outbound route as well as in the IAX route, setting default to MOH1.

When you dial in to his system via the POTS, MOH1 works fine when he places you on hold. When he dials me through the POTS and places me on hold, MOH1 again works just fine.

When I dial into him via IAX, MOH1 does not work. I get the default MOH. When he dials me through IAX, and he puts me on hold I get to hear his MOH1 tunes!

Before I have him pull some logs, is there anything anyone can pull off the top of their head that we’re missing? Odd that outbound IAX MOH1 works and inbound IAX MOH1 does not work but default does. POTS works just fine!!

Thanks for any thoughts!!


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