IAX trunk failing call

hi, iam having issues with the IAX trunk i have configured. here is the log of the call which is made: https://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/1d7f628d.
The trunk is between a grandstream pbx and a Freepbx.i cannot make call between these two pbx’es,
Can someone please help me with solving this issue?

from that paste (would be nice if text wasn’t wrapped!), looks like you have a phone using pjsip to talk to freepbx and I assume you are expecting the call to go out an IAX trunk to the “grandstream pbx” extension 1001?
Looks like gets DIALSTATUS: CHANUNAVAIL but is dialing PJSIP/1001, which is obviously not IAX.
So you haven’t said if your IAX trunk is shown as up and working?
And you have an outbound route handling extension 1001 that uses the IAX trunk?

Hey @nielsen yes. I have been trying to call from the grandstream pbx via the iax trunk to the freepbx. Now I have changed my network environment, strange is that the iax works with the same configuration. I do not know if I had made a blunder with the network settings. I am going to place the other ip back and check it, because I have to place this in production. I am very afraid now to change the ip. I hope the uax will still work. I could before see that there is a trunk, but the calls failed. I do not know what the cause was

I’m confused. I assume that you are calling extension 2000 on FreePBX from ext. 1001 on GS. If not, please explain.

Can you call 2000 from another extension on FreePBX without issue? If so, please provide a paste of that log for comparison.

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hi @Stewart1 i had called from 1001 to 2000. sorry for telling it the other way. I could not call from other extensions. But the issue got solved. I do not know what exactly the cause was. I have used a raspberry pi.

I have another issue now. when iam trying to transfer a call from extern to internal numer. the call disconnects. here are the logs: https://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/fe6f1a89
what have I done wrong. I am using ta410 yeastar fxo gateways.

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