IAX local extensions not regster

Hi community;
I am new to asterisk freepbx…
My FreePBX is and Asterisk Version:** 14.7.4
My issue is i am unable to register IAX extension when i enable intrusion detection.When i stops it , the IAX extension registers immediately .

I added my Local Network IP range in white list, but still no luck

I think the whitelist accepts single hosts, not network ranges, but I might be wrong.

even single host entry also not allowed to register.(if intrusion detection stops , then all extensions registers)

Are the extensions and the FreePBX server on the same local network?

I’m pretty sure you are. Whitelisting and Local network identification in the Integrated Firewall both should take CIDR entries.

I think he is talking about intrusion detection on system admin module. But then again, I might be wrong.

Even if he is - it accepts networks as well as individual hosts. There are some places in the System Admin module where it ends up with hostnames, but most of those are either identified as “hosts” or are set by the system in response to intrusion actions at the system level.

Regardless, if the problem is one of the Intrusion Detection modules catching the hosts and locking them out, it’s something that needs to be handled in one, the other, or both (ID or Firewall).

I am not using firewall module at all. And both PBX and IAX extension in the same network.

OK. Time to fish or cut bait. I’m not going to help with this any more unless I see some output from /var/log/asterisk/full showing the extension getting kicked off the network. Also, “it doesn’t work” isn’t enough “more information” for us to be able to help you.

Since Intrusion Detection watches the log files and locks hosts out when then do specific things, you need to look at the log files and figure out what is happening that is triggering the ID module. Without logs, there’s no way anyone can help you.

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