IAX link wont answer / nor send

We have a series of FreePBX box’s linked by Branch Office VPNs, and we would like to set up desk to desk dialing over these BOVPN’s. As such I have implemented a series of Trunks from the various PBX box’s to a “IAX box” that is to act as a routing system for these calls.

On a couple of these trunks, all is working well. I have a few others that are making me pull out much of my lacking hair!. The call initiates, goes to the IAXbox, is routed to the endpoint PBX but the end point PBX hangs up immediately …in fact the log on the endpoint PBX shows 9 rapid fire “remote UNIX connection”, “remote UNIX connection disconnected”.

The trunks remain active… but the connection never is allowed on the precipitant Freepbx.

I have even gone so far as disabling the COS in one of the recipient box’s and have had no luck… PLUS I now find that the end that is not accepting calls also cannot call out via the IAX trunk.
Suggestions on where to look???

Sounds like its probably a route problem

On the “Router” box, when a call comes in, can you post the log that it generates?