IAX DID to a specific IVR (can someone test with me please)

I have a couple iax DID’s coming into a server, they need to be answered by differant IVR’s. I have tried every combination I can think of any they both get answered by the same IVR. Can someone verify this works on their system?

I have setup inbound routes as follows with DID1:
Caller ID: 1-866-666-xxxx Set Destination: IVRtest1

I have setup inbound routes as follows with DID2:
Caller ID: 1-866-777-xxxx Set Destination: IVRtest2

DID2 always gets answered by IVRtest1 instead of IVRtest2.

Many Thanks

Look for this in the olg on inbound calls
Executing NoOp(“SIP/your_user_name_-08daf798”, “Catch-All DID Match - Found XXXXXXXXXX - You probably want a DID for this.”) in new stack

that is your DID
Make sure you are putting that in DID blank and leave the CID blank…