IAX DID rings to softphone ZOIPER, but won't ring to IVR

Installed the 3.2 BETA Distro and have four DID’s setup as trunks, complete with inbound and outbound routing and extensions setup with separate IVR’s for each trunk. Works great except that none of the incoming calls hear ringing (dead air only) they just get the IVR recording.

I read a post from 2012 that an IVR should be tied to an extension and then the inbound route should route to the extension. That just gives an error that the extension is already used.

I can connect any of the DID’s directly to ZOIPER and the incoming caller hears ringing, so I know it is not the carrier.

How can I get the incoming caller to hear ringing before the IVR recording starts?

I really appreciate some guidance here as I have been working on this for a month.