IAX DENY field now working like the SIP DENY field


I am running the latest version of FreePBX and I noticed that when you create an IAX extension/device, if you leave the default value in the deny field ( it will refuse registration on that extension regardless of what you put on the allow field.

On the other hand if you create a SIP extension you can leave the default value in the deny field an registrations are not refused.

Is this a bug on IAX or SIP?

Unfortunately it is a bug in the IAX section when generating the dial plan. The permit= is placed before the deny= line.

I will try to have a fix submitted during the day.

To fix this you need to edit the core/functions.inc.php line 351:

if ($element['keyword'] == 'disallow' && $option == 'all') {

to read

if (($element['keyword'] == 'disallow' && $option == 'all') | ($element['keyword'] == 'deny')) { 

Then you need to save one Extension then Update Changes and your IAX device will work again.