IAX BLF - it won't really work, right?

I am wondering about linking my home and work FreePBX servers with an IAX trunk - am I right in thinking that BLF won’t really work (without not insignificant faffing about) across two distinct Asterisk servers?

Yeah - you can kind of do it, but you end up repeating yourself and sending hints around “out of band”. It’s not impossible, and you’ll definitely get a real feel for how Hints work after, but it’s not something that you’re going to be able to poke a couple buttons on the GUI and magically get it to go.

If you want to try - go for it. Just understand it’s going to be hard from the outset.


Thanks, Dave. I’m kind of wondering if linking the two servers is even necessary - surely I must be able to find a way to leverage ZeroTier…I can already use ZeroTier to connect to either Asterisk server from a remote location as if I was on the same LAN.

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You cannot load ZeroTier on the phones, which is what you need to let the phone register over ZeroTier. ZT does have a gateway setup you can implement, but I would never allow something like that as it is no different than a full IPSEC VPN connecting your two networks.

And full network connectivity means crap on your home network can infect the work network.

Hard and not the point of IAX2. Just because a technology allows a thing to be possible, doe not mean it is wise to do it.

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