IAX between offices

I’m setting up my servers (6) between different offices and am creating an IAX2 trunk between them . I have a stupid question before I start. Do I need to use different ports between the boxes or are they all set to 4569?

I know I will figure it out once I start but thought I would ask first. Servers show up on Friday, so I’m starting this weekend or first thing next week.



same port for all. it’s a connection point with pooling just like http. you don’t have to open up a different port for every single connection.

Oh, and if you are doing 6 offices you might want to take a look into Dundi as that will cut down on updating multiple systems when you add a extension on one. Dundi allows for connections between systems to know about other systems without having to make code changes every time one thing changes.

Thanks fskrotzki,

I was planning on using dundi, just couldn’t remember if iax had to be on different ports.

I’ll keep you posted on how I make out.