Iam begginer want some help

i download asterisknow 1.5 beta , but i dont have books for it , cuz iam new user and i want to start learning if any one have asterisknow 1.5 beta book plz give me the link , or in easy way i have office in anther place not in same network and Dynamic IP for the 2 office how can i speak to anther office , and iam useing xlite softphone

I am having a prob geting the voip trunks to work in the statistics are shown as not registred but thay show green in the flash operator panel.

All the extensions work fine.

localnet line should read with nothing afterward, assuming that is your local network.

So you have two offices, both with AsteriskNOW 1.5 beta, and you want to connect them together? Do you have FreePBX? If not, (I am not saying people would not like help you here or refuse to help you) try going to the AsteriskNOW forums and you may get some better answers. There are many topics on this forum that are about connecting offices, not sure if they are AsteriskNOW, though. Try googling it or going to the AsteriskNOW forums. Hope this helps!

Actually I think AsteriskNow is running FreePBX. There are several tutorials on how to interconnect 2 boxes using IAX2 available on this site and the Internet in general using FreePBX.

no no no , guys you miss understan me i mean i have one box useing AsteriskNOW 1.5 beta and anther office just with softphone or IP Phone but not in the same network

I can’t imagine why???

Any of the FreePBX tutorials will help you get started. You need a dynamic DBS service to get that remote phone going:

1 - Forward UDP 5060 and UDP 10000-20000 to your AsteriskNow box
2 - Setup sip_nat.conf with externhost, externrefresh and localnet parameters
3 - Create an extension, set NAT to yes
4 - Install Dyndamic DNS client on a PC in the net, your router or the Linux box
5 - Point your softphone to your new dynamic DNS address


Asterisk now Ver 1.5 beta is using FreePBX. For a noobie I’d recommend PBX in a Flash. Ward Mundy of nerdvittles.com has some excellent step-by-step instructions for setting it up.


mr SkykingOH thank you very much , i really beginner but i think i can understand you so i will try to make that steps but i cant understand step num 2 , and if anyone have book that will be graet

Please help me to define this error message. it appear when i want to open all call logs in reports panel.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: numrows() in /var/www/html/admin/cdr/lib/Class.Table.php on line 85

i don’t understand about this php extension file.

please can you all help me. before thanks a lot for your help.

AsteriskNow is still in Beta, I agree you should try another distribution.

sip_nat.conf is common to all of them. Just google the term and you will numerous examples of how to configure.

another distribution ??? like what , give me Advice , and iam a beginner want to bulid Voip server to make just 2 office with just 2 line talk together free

Try PBX in a Flash. It is a stable and well documented distribution.


PBX in a flash , is that easy to build ?? cuz iam beginner and if you have and well documented distribution plz give me the link

www.nerdvittles.com has excellent docs on PIAF as well as all links to get it.


thanx alot man you really help me , but i want to ask again about the easy way to call one line out my network i really dont need to build complete pbx server now , i just want to try that call badly , i already make calls betwen network , mr SkykingOH told me how to do that before but iam beginner so what i understand
1 - make " name ip " like “myname.dyndns.org” in my pbx box here .
2 - make " name ip " like “pc1.dyndns.org” in pc1 “out my network” .
3 - point pc1 softphone sip to “mymane.dyndns.org” .
4 - make “pc1.dyndns.org” to be host of Extensions in my pbx server.
i know maybe iam totaly wrong but i just need to make that call without laerning asterisk command , i just want to work in web interface , at last thank you for your Patience , hopefully you help me

and sip_nat.conf configure will be like that
localnet= "mylocalnet pbx box"
is that right or totaly wrong