I would like the ability to turn off the Zulu app when I'm in the office

I have found that the Zulu app works well for our application; however, our users would like the ability to turn the app off (on their mobile devices) when they are in the office. Documentation on the Zulu UC Wiki discusses this capability, but the toggles do not appear in the app.

Any indication if this functionality will be added?

Hello @MattBuck

Can’t you point me where in the wiki is discussed that capability (I can’t see it in the screenshot) this capability is not possible at the moment, and is on the roadmap, but we can’t give you an estimate when we will have it working. If this is on the wiki please point me to the link so I fix the wording / paragraph specifying that this is not possible right now.


However we understand that some people may want to shut off Zulu at times. The best way to do this is to go into the Zulu Settings tab, click on your account and click the toggle in the top left, which enabled and disabled the account. When the toggle is not green, it’s in a disabled state and you should no longer receive the push notifications from the server telling the application to wake up and process calls.


Thank you Ajhad!

I wasn’t able to post links (new user guidelines). I had hoped the screenshot would suffice.

No worries.

Ran into the same thing before and forgot to post about.
I just deleted the app.

Hope it gets added soon though. :slight_smile:

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I use Follow Me, set up to start ringing the mobile about 10 seconds after the desk phone. The office phone is usually answered within 10 seconds, so the mobile doesn’t ring. If the desk phone is in use, the system is smart enough to not ring the mobile at all (ringallv2-prim), but a second call can still be answered via call waiting.

For me, this is superior to setting ‘in’ or ‘out’. One doesn’t have to remember to turn it on or off, and if a VIP calls while I’m taking a break, the call can be taken on the mobile.

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Thanks Stewart1!

I had thought about that but wondered how that would affect the transfer of calls. Right now we are working with two separate teams (trying to keep from cross-contaminating our whole company). Half the sales team works one part of the week, the other half the second.

They will be transferring calls constantly, so in your scenario their desk phone would ring for 10 seconds before their app ever rang once. Does this still allow for the call to be answered on the app before the 10 seconds are up and the app rings?

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