I would like calling immediately when I pick up an analog phone?

I would like calling immediately when I pick up an analog phone?

its like calling hotline,

I have a phone in an elevator that goes to a fxo port and I want it to call automatically.

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I hope you meant FXS port, as phones don’t source ringing current.

I have a suggestion based on basic Asterisk principles, but I’ll wait to see if someone comes up with a more FreePBX friendly solution.

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sorry, not sure if its fxs or fxo, but the line comes from a gateway to convert in analogy phone line

You would need something intended to be connected to telephones, not something intended to be connected to exchanges.

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If you are using some sort of SIP gateway, you lose the ability to handle hotline calling in Asterisk. You need to implement it in the gateway. What I was going to suggest only applies if you are using DAHDI, and suitable PCI[e] hardware. We’d need make, model, and preferably a pointer to a freely readable technical guide to configuring the gateway, preferably in English.

i read something about using a dahdi ext, how can i register it, cuz it doesn allow me to add password

Analogue phones don’t use registration, because the same phone is always on the end of the same twisted pair cable. They also don’t use passwords, as they would have been very expensive to implement on on Strowger exchanges.

Asterisk doesn’t require SIP phones to register or use passwords, and it would probably be reasonable to dispense with them even when using a gateway, as you could, reasonably, assign it a static address.

DAHDI is for direct connection to circuit switched type hardware, which includes analogue phones. There is nothing VoIP about it, and only VoIP uses registration and/or passwords.

Registration is about telling the PABX about where to find the phone, not directly about access control.

If it’s a phone connected to a DAHDI card directly on FreePBX, you should be able to set immediate=yes on the FXS in question in chan_dahdi.conf.

Looks like you can probably do that in FreePBX as well when adding a DAHDI extension:


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i do want to offer one caution here.

many different jurisdictions have different legislation around what is LEGAL for elevator phones.
I know in my home area, you can not run emergency lines such as elevators off of an ATA / directly off of the PBX unless very specific rules are followed.

Check with your local authorities to make sure that what you intend to do is indeed Legal before proceeding.

(i got caught once running an elevator phone off of a grandstream HT702…)

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Its a sip chan_Pjsip extension

what hardware is running you analog line?

most likely its an analog telephony adapter (if it is a pjsip extension)
take a look at hte settings on the box that the analog line connects to - likely you can configure off-hook auto dial or hotline There.

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Gracias/thanks a alot. It Works


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since its an elevator - there likely isnt a full DialPad… but if it does indeed have a dial pad, you might want to look at the “DialPlan” for that line as well.
What you have in your screenshot looks like “if i grab the phone and dial really fast, i can make an outbound call”.

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