I want to stop software theft

can someone please tell me how to stop it? I have personal knowledge of a company stealing this software, but cannot find a contact address.

How can you steal something that is free?

I think I smell spaml

the software is protected under GPL. They are removing the logo and reselling the product for hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t think that is wrong?

They can remove the logo and do quite a bit as long as they stay within the guidelines of the GPL.

What they can’t do is remove the trademark notification at the footer of the screen displays on any page that may come up and indicated FreePBX.

If they get rid of all mentions of FreePBX, then they can remove various trademark references. Similarly, if they are using the Distro and are taking advantage of Copyrighted material such as some of the images, then they can’t remove the Copyright notice at the bottom as long as they are using Copyrighted material.

If you think they are violating this aspect then feel free to PM me with details of the company and we can always contact them to let them know to comply with the GPL as well as trademark and copyright requirements.

You didn’t say that.

PM Philippe, and don’t tell me who they are but please answer a question, are they US based?