I want to delay incoming call ringing for some time(5-10 secoond)

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I want to implement when the incoming call ring is coming then it should come with some delay(approx 8 to 10 sec).please suggest.

Billing solution

Send the call to a custom context

exten => _.,1,Wait(7.5)
same => n,GoTo(from-trunk,${EXTEN},1) 

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please let me know where to put this script.


Its not a ‘script’ it’s a ‘context’ , you can put it in extensions_custom.conf but you should probably read the wiki to understand what you are doing and how to direct incoming calls to it.

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ok thanks

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what is purpose of from-trunk will need to create it.


As I encouraged you to look for, the answer is in the wiki. from-trunk is the most commonly used point of entry. It is the same as from-pstn

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working .thanks for help

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