I want to create a extension such that whenever I call the extension it should ring external number with extension

I want to create a extension such that whenever I call the extension it should ring external number.

Here is how I have it, in FreePBX.

Ring group number: 600
Group Description: Whatever
Ring Strategy: Ringall
Extension List: 0412345678#

this number 0412345678# works fine for dialing a external phone but how I can put a external phone plus the direct extension i want to call in that number

anyone knows ??

600 is my internal extension the number that would dial is 0412345678 but the extension in that number i want to reach is 123


I’ve had some success in doing this.

This assumes you’re dialing a pbx that has an IVR with direct dial (“If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time during this announcement”).

First, you’ll have to know what the dial string is for dialing an outbound number. That will depend on what technology you’re using for your telephone connection.

I’m using ZAP so my dial string looks like this:


The first part (ZAP/g0) is dependent on what technology you’re using.

In this case I’m dialing 6016362511 (the Police Department’s main number on a legacy PBX) using the “w” command to delay and then dial 307 which is the local extension. You’ll have to experiment with the number of “w” commands you put in so that it works as seamlessly as possible.

Once you have this done you can use your newly created extension pretty much as you would any extension.

Bear in mind, though, that there are a few limitations. You are handing off the call to an outside system, and asterisk thinks the call has been answered as soon as the remote IVR answers. You can’t use any asterisk feature (such as voicemail) which requires asterisk to do call supervision.


the trunk that dial is SIP not zap, I tried to put wwww… to delay the call but when save in ring group it wipe the wwww…

so it seems not succesful

You won’t be able to do this out a SIP trunk with any standard dialplan.

To accomplish something like this, you would need to do something like make a custom extension which actually rings some internal custom dialplan down a Local Channel.

Then … in that custom dialplan, you would have to put your call out to the desired number and have dialplan do something like engage the D(digits) Dial command option that will allow you to transmit digits to the answered channel once the call has been connected. You can put “w’s” in the D() option to pre-pad it with .5 second waits if necessary.