I want to allow only extention to dial 3 extentions and deny other things

hi ,

ive installed custom context module ,

and my target is to design a dial plan which allow only calling extentions 30 , 50 ,100 ,101
and want to deny the otherthings ,

wt i have to type in the cutom module ??
i make a one with name dealers , and applied it to my extention , but need help about allowing only 30 , 50 , 100 , 101 , and deny every another trial ,

i have a printscreen about the faild one , if some one help me about editing it , it will be nice ,
here is the image

with my best regards

Ar you trying to separate two tenants? If so there are better ways.

hi , its simple but uptill now i could NOT do it ,

it just a new branch , and this new branch consists from 4 extensions ,
the new extentions are 30 , 50 , 100 , 101 ,

i want them to call them selves only ,and no other thing is allowed to them,

in another way , i want to set the dial plan 30|50|100|101 to them ,

thats every thing ,


You could restrict with the dial plan in the phones however I would look at the custom context module.

This is what it is for. You can grant them access on a feature and extension level.