I thought freepbx 14 was EOL

But today I get calls from clients saying they have update notifications for 14

Yeah, it is supposed to be. Guess this is what happens when no real policies are in place for this.

Looks like they backported the fix for the incorrect time display in the GUI related to daylight savings time.

I don’t know, consider it a gift? Is this somehow a problem? Or just don’t update the module?

14 and earlier versions are EOL.

Bill’s correct, this is the timezone display issue backported to 14. Engineering needed to resolve this for a commercial partner for reasons not related to open source licensing, and I made the call to share it with everyone else. I’m sure that some of those still on 14 appreciate the fix, even if it might cause a bit of confusion in the process.

This will not be happening again. Anyone running versions older than 15 need to make plans to get on a supportable version.

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