I tampered with my files.. UCP threw error at access, need advice. bug!


Hi, i’m relatively new to freepbx, but have some understanding.
I recently installed from source the asterisk 16 with freepbx gui non-commercial.
The install is on a linux container in a debian 9 environment.
Everything is working as far as calls and the pbx is functioning as it should.

I clicked on the UCP access button for the first time today and received an ajax compatibility error saying the the ajax function was not compatible to ucp module function. :
Declaration of UCP\Modules\Cel::ajaxRequest($command, &$settings) should be compatible with UCP\Modules::ajaxRequest($command, $settings)
I backed up the /ucp/modules/Cel/ cel.class.php file and then edited the file removing the ampersand that was prefixed to $settings.
I reloaded the UCP page and received a similiar error which I did not copy, so I can’t paste it here.
The error complained about the compatibility in file /ucp/modules/widgets/widgets.class.php .
having function getDisplay($dashboard_id) { and the other file having only getDisplay() .
I removed the variable from the call in widgets.class.php file. and again reloaded the UCP page.
To my surprise the ucp loaded and appears to be functioning fine.
I’m ok with it. but would like someone with more knowledge to explain whether this is a bug or something that I should address elsewhere with an update or something. And did I risk any security value by doing this edit.

Thanks in Advance if anyone cares to help.

You need to use php 5.6. Not 7

Thank You, I specifically recall adding 5.6 on install, but did not see it in the directory, this may have something to do with the container environment. Thanks for the speedy reply.

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