//i.p./admin/config.php does not go to login

When trying to log into freepbx Administration, //i.p./admin/config.php does not go to login page. Unfortunately, all we see is a header and footer with a single “1” without a login. We have tried to look at the logs however NO errors appear in freepbx debug logs, httpd logs, or any other log we can find. (amportal a dbug)

I also tried to disable each Module one by one and still no change. Before someone asks, we have cleared cache, tried multiple browsers on multiple computers.

A strange item is we save the login on one of our computers and we are able to access Freepbx console just fine. (bypasses login with saved creds)

Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions

maybe you have been hacked…

What does /var/www/html/admin/config.php look like

I replaced that as well. It was exactly the same as source. Thanks for the suguestion!