I need your help

I have an ISP managed router with a sip phone included.
I want to register it on my freepbx server but I can’t set the username or password (I can only see the username).
I managed to get it to talk with my freepbx server but it fails to authenticate.
How can I find what password did the router use to authenticate on the freepbx logs?

Only by asking your ISP, the password is ‘hashed’

So I can’t decrypt it on the server side?

not unless you have a copy of the other side of your ISP’s hash

So you are saying that the router is hashing the password before it gets to my freepbx server?

No, nothing is changing anything, SIP identification is never done in ‘clear-text’ over the network.

But my freepbx needs to decrypt it at some point to check if the password is valid no?

That’s what I see on the logs of freepbx:

res_pjsip/pjsip_distributor.c: Request ‘REGISTER’ from ‘<sip:the number that is set on the router@my freepbx server ip>’ failed for ‘my public IP address:5060’

What country are you in? ISP? Router make/model? Is router connected to the internet via its built-in modem (fiber, cable, xDSL), or is there an external modem?

Are you trying to use the ISP’s phone service as a trunk on FreePBX, or trying to use analog phones connected to the router as extensions on FreePBX?

Can you post a screenshot of the router page where you entered the PBX address? Mask the username and any other information you consider personal.

No. It doesn’t need to decrypt it. Each side generates hashes using the information available, if the hashes match then it’s the same. It’s not comparing the password itself in clear.

It’s a technicolor tg789vac v2

I am trying to connect the router to my freepbx server

I found a manual at

Does this match your router?
On page 46, it shows that in Expert configure mode, you can set SIP parameters including the password.
If your device can’t do this, please post a screenshot showing the differences.

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