I need a module

I’m upgrading from an old asterisk version and I used configedit (advance) a lot. I’d like someone to make this old module compatible with freepbx. The program works for me except I can not save changes and freepbx complains that it is unsigned.
I can send the the file if you need configeditoradv-1.0.3.tar.gz

Any body out there like to earn some income and make this work?

Thanks Bart

I don’t recall ever seeing config edit advanced. What does it do that Config Edit won’t do, that’s supported in all current versions of fpbx.

Here is a screen shot

That’s not FreePBX, that’s IncrediblePBX. Did you reach out to the forums over there to see what’s possible as well?

Above is on freepbx

Doesn’t really answer the question as to what it does differently from the standard config edit in the current versions of FreePBX.

It shows all files in asterisk folder. Allows editing of all
It shows the different contexts in a *.conf
It allow searching with ctrl+f

Such facilities are generally considered as shell functions or built-ins in linux restricted to admin users , why do you need a GUI,? it is a horribly insecure way to do that.

My config files are huge. Over 2000+ lines. I run applications freepbx don’t support. configedit (advance) allows quick changes

We admins prefer vi ( even nano) neither will overflow at +1000000 lines. PHP will always limit at your memory/time limits which you can adjust to your needs.

So far it’s working for me. Been using for 10 years. It’s just not a freepbx recognized module, so it complains. But it works. I want this to replace configedit under admin.

Then have the author legitimately sign it and you are good to go.


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