I need a guide

Hi, I’m sorry to ask this here but I want to know if anyone here have a guide for install asterisk and freepbx not manually beacause I try manually , I install asterisk 17.9 with succès but with freepbx I have a lot of problems so do you want a simple guide for noob please .


Go to


type in your prefered os in the search box et Voilà It will always be manual unless you download and install the ‘Distro’ which will only work on a ‘clean machine’

(Edit: please one post per issue , it will save both you and us time and effort)

Hi, thanks for your answer you said this is always manual so I have a question , I already install asterisk 17.9 in Ubuntu but I have a problem with freepbx15 how can I install freepbx easily ??


Sorry, you beat me, I give up.


Download the FreePBX Distro, create the install media and install it. The Distro will take care of installing everything automatically.

Yes but this is look like an os but I’m already with a vm for Ubuntu

Please explain your application and constraints. FreePBX assumes that it has the ‘whole machine’.
Attempting to integrate it with another large package that requires a different Linux distro is likely to result in problems that take a great deal of effort and expertise to resolve. If this is your situation, you should consider running your CRM system / predictive dialer / appointment reminder system / whatever in a separate VM, communicating with the PBX over IP.

Otherwise (you just want a PBX to make and receive phone calls), explain why you chose Ubuntu and Asterisk 17.

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