I need a dialplan after A2billing

Good day!!!

First of all I apologize for my bad english, I’m Argentinian and I’m using the Google translator.

I commented my problem.

First, my system is composed by Freepbx distro (CentOS 6 + Asterisk 1.8 + FreePBX 2.9) which I installed A2billing 2.0.6.

-My clients are loaded in FreePBX associated with the account code of A2Billing customers.
-I have four trunks to make outgoing calls, loaded in FreePBX and A2Billing.
-All outgoing calls made ​​by my clients go through to A2Billing outbound routes, and there at the rate tariff choose the most convenient trunk to use.
-The number dialed by my clients is transformed international dialing format using FreePBX outbound routes. (Country code + City code + Local Number)

In Argentina there is an extra code for calls to cellular, which varies according to the international dialing and dialing used in local providers.

An example

(International dialing) Argentina mobile = Country code + 9 + City Code + Local Number)
(local dialing) Argentina Mobile = Country Code + City Code + 15 + Local Number)

You see, the city code changes location… (major headaches!!!)

My trunks providers are: iPlan, Claro (Telmex), Voip.ms and voicebuy.com

The problem is with iPlan, not accept international dialing, so I turn the dial number again.

Due to the relocation of the city code, it is NOT possible to use the options “Add prefix” and “Remove Prefix” of a2billing trunk.

So, I need a dialplan located after selected a2billing trunk to use, but a2billing makes the call without allowing any changes.

Another possibility I thought (without knowing how to do it) is that a2billing selects the trunk “iplan” dial the number as dialed the customer, without the modifications made by FreePBX outbound routes.

Any suggestion? jeje.

From already thank you very much and greetings from Argentina for the whole community!.


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