I m dyin over here.... Fixed CID not Working


Who is your trunking provider? They may have toughened their CID requirements to make it harder on scammers.

Try this test: Temporarily change the Outbound CID for your desk phone extension to one of the numbers you want to use for Fixed CID. For example
"John Doe" <12125551212>
Call your mobile and see whether it is correctly displayed. If not, your trunking provider or mobile carrier is likely rejecting the call.

Be sure that you are using the correct format. Some providers expect 2125551212, some 12125551212 and some +12125551212. The format that they send you on incoming calls will likely be accepted for outgoing.

Some providers won’t allow you to send an arbitrary called ID – it must be a number that they know is yours, either because you bought it from them or verified it on their portal.

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OK!! Cool I was about to give up.
last suggestion made me try routing to a different phone to see. had not tryed that in a whileI realized I may not have tried that
IT appears to be my cell phone provider (At this time).
I heard that it might be this before and called CRAPPY TEMOBILE. and they do have a feature that you have to actually call them and have allow this to work.
I thought they fixed it and continued to keep trying (BUT I don’t think they fixed it)
I had Verizon prior to this issue and things worked with cell phone

I used fixed CID and routed it to my pc phone with caller id and it works perfectly FIXED CID 111 or 123 ….whatever I want. now I if I could get both the CID with a prefix of something to know both the outside caller and what extension is being forwarded to me I would be ecstatic.



Some options, none are perfect:

  1. Send the call to a SIP app, rather than as a mobile voice call. You can set both the caller name and number as you please. Unfortunately, a weak internet connection may result in unusably bad voice quality.

  2. Use Confirm Calls on your ring groups with a custom announcement for each department you answer for. Unfortunately, you have to press 1 to accept the call, IMO unsafe to do while driving.

  3. Write some custom dial plan to play a custom announcement before connecting the call. From what you’ve told us so far, you’ll likely have to pay to have this done for you.

  4. Pick some valid caller IDs to identify the department. Put them in your contacts so a meaningful name will show for each. You won’t see the number of the original caller (though you could check the CDRs if the call was important enough).