I m dyin over here.... Fixed CID not Working

Can NOT get Fixed CID to work
setting up in ring group
every thing else seems to work fine
My inbound route seems to be correct
IVR works good call comes in make selection to go to ring group and for some reason fixed CID just will not work. (I am following CID format prefix (004))
call is set to go to miscellaneous destination. they do … just not when using fixed CID
Ben working this for days
used to work some time ago
I got more numbers and deleted my old ring groups nothing else
made new ones now cant get Fixed CID to work

I’d suggest that you might want to pastebin a log of a call failing so we can look at it.

Also, you’ve told us that it doesn’t work, but you haven’t told us “what” doesn’t work. You keep throwing “fixed CID” in, but it’s all out of context and I can’t tell what you’re trying to tell us.

Slow down, explain what you’re doing, and maybe get us a log snippet and we’ll see what we can do.

I am trying here …this is not my bag.

these are some snap shots of my ring group and IVR setup
hope you can see it and make sense of it

I feel like it is set up right.
Like I said I had dine it this way before but for some reason it is not working any more.

Support is EXPENSIVE 300 per yr. is there cheaper support that any one knows of

as you can see call log page is unavailable …sorry

Not sure if this is an issue or not. this is my version of astrix

You are expecting your call to be sent out on the PSTN with a caller ID of 009?

“Support is EXPENSIVE 300 per yr.”

Dude, that is cheap per year! Before I retired, one of the places I worked was paying more than 12 times that for a phone system maintenance contract! Albeit not a FreePBX or Asterisk based system, but still…

wow some one responded quickly… awesome.

Yes I think. I have it going to a misilanious numbe …my cell ( works for ques) …[lease excuse spelling …i suck at spelling as well as typing

Most carriers do now or soon will reject bogus caller IDs. So if you are going to set the caller ID then set it to a real one that you have verified with your voip provider.

I spoke with digium / Sangoma that provide my sip trunk. they said that should not be the issue .and guy said that is how they rout a lot of their calls. but it sure looks suspiciously like that because I can not figure out why it dose not work any more

BTW support is 330 for year and you get 60 min to start and you can buy more at a price they do not mention

I used to get calls forwarded to my sell from ring group with fixed caller id set to 001 and caller id would show up on my phone as scam likely but when I looked at the caller id it was 001. I missed a lot of calls because I thought it was a telemarketer. I set the ring tone and I knew it was one of mine. worked great.
I deleted the ring groups that worked and wanted to set up new ones. have not been able to get it working since. I can only suspect it is something I am doing wrong, Maybe I accidentally changed something elsewhere I do not think so but it is the only thing I can think of that might cause this to not work any more. I saw some where that there are freelancer people that can maybe fix this. do not know how you would arrange payment. really need this to work. unless you can do this some other way.

thought I saw a way you can do it but it was out of my realm. had to use code and all that stuff.
might have been a way to do it in freepbx as well but i still got lost.

Any help or ideas on finding help would be appreciated. like i said I would be glad to pay some one if it could be done safely

My suggestion is simply be done with this idea of using a fake caller ID. Use a real caller ID.


Since he cannot follow simple instructions to provide information, he has no business administering a PBX, oh and he is on Asterisk 11, which was EOL in 2017.

Well, given your concern of investment over time and effort,I suggest you move to a supported platform, it will cost you nothing but time, you will have a system that nobody has to go back 5 years to remember (WTF dude :wink: , motivate yourself ),

(seriously, you want free support for Asterisk 11 and FreePBX what ? )

OK maybe it would be best to try and clarify what my goal is
I have a phone number inbound 123-456-7891
I have it set to that says hello for customer support press 1 for sales press 2 and for all other calls press 0
I would like to have extensions for each
I would like extensions find me follow me rout directly to miscellaneous destination my Cell Phone.
I do not really care what number is calling me I want to know what extension is that is calling me. (Sales) (Customer Support) or (other). If I could have both extension and caller CID that would be ultimate.
Finally if I do not answer my call on my cell I would like it to leave the message in the voice mail box of the extension.

I had some luck getting the CID fixed so I could rout options to ring group and attach fixed caller id that way I would know exactly what department the caller is trying to reach.

Cant get fixed CID to work any more with either extensions or ring groups. Digium said that Fixed CID is still possible and there is more than likely a error in setup some where. wont let me talk to support without paying astronomical amounts of cash.

I am leaning towards trying to find a freelance it person to help with hopefully fixing this issue and or help setting up my system.

Where would I find a freelance phone sys it person to help with something like this.
Digium /Snagoma wants 350 for 1 hr. They could probably tell me what’s wrong in about 10 minutes.
Or they might say that feature is no longer functional and you need to upgrade and use a different method… blah blah blah … more money.

Anyway like I said if anyone knows where to find Freelancer to help with issue I think this is rout to try