I have three VPN site , only one site work

Hi everyone.

I have 3 VPN site connect to One system . Only the site was first one connected to system - VPN A, it was working , Other two site phones were fail to register.

Because I made another test : When these VPN sites register another system 192.168.0.x , VPN B is working and others VPN site not work !

Therefore , I confirm that those VPN sites setup were OK and those IP phones setup are correct !

System = 192.168.0.x /24
VPN A = 172.27.2.x/24
VPN B = 172.27.4.x/24
VPN C = 172.27.6.x/24

I entered the data in the sip_general_additional.conf file:


So far, we haven’t been able to get it to work !

From the system on the 192.168.0.x /24 can you ping each of the default gateways on the other systems over the VPN?

Yes ! three VPN sites phones can ping the system , can web access the admin page of the system .

I found out the problem came from : The system only allow one VPN site register !

Because 3 VPN site : A , B , C . Result was that only one VPN site can register !This case is VPN A for System “”

Then I made another test to register second system! Same VPN site : A , B , C . Result also was that only one VPN site can register . This case is VPN B for System “”

Do you have any ideal how to fixed it ?

Sounds like you are NATing VPN traffic on your firewall/router. Make sure the policy is 2 way without NAT.

Can you ping a phone from the PBX on one of the VPN networks? How does the tracert loot?

You might have to put routes on the server side to each remote location.