I have many questions concerning the cost of SMS automation. Please help me!

I am looking for a solution to send automated SMS messages at the lowest possible cost while having my company name displayed.

I have approached SendInBlue but compared to the volume of SMS I have to send it is too expensive.

Do you know if FreePBX allows automated SMS sending directly linked to SalesForce?

And if so what are the costs? Do I need a specific type of SIM subscription?

And concerning the installation I have a VM with Asterisk and FreePBX ready and if I understand correctly I have to install it on a VoIP gateway or a 4G box.

No, right now FreePBX doesn’t have the ability to do this without you having to do a lot of custom work. As for need SIMs that would really depend. VoIP allows for messaging so not sure the SIMs are needed.

We would really need some more information such as where you are location, etc because that can make a difference on how this solution has to be handled.

Very well, excuse me for my lack of details, I will try to detail the project as well as possible.

The SMS will target only French mobile numbers.

The objective is to link Salesforce to FreePBX in order to automatically send SMS with the name of the company sending the SMS stamped instead of the phone number.

We are in full compliance with the RGPD, so there are no problems there.

The problem is that I have no idea of the costs of implementation and especially monthly, hence my questions because I hesitate to implement it to automate the sending of 3000 to 15000 sms per month.

Thank you for your answer,
Sincerely Alric

Well, I won’t be of any help here. No idea about the French rules for this and how you would need to handle that part. As for FreePBX, like I said you would have to customize a solution for it.

Thank you for your responsiveness, at the moment I pay 0.05 cents to send an SMS.

And I am looking for a way to reduce these costs.

Customization is not a problem for my company, it is mainly a question of having a return on the price of such an infrastructure and especially the monthly fees.

Anyone have a way to help ? Or at least help me a little :slight_smile:

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