I have a line with many numbers


I have a line with many numbers

That is, a trunk with a range of consecutive numbers

I do not know what it’s called in English this item …

Someone help me?

multi DID = direct inward dial ?
You can set it up in Extension Routing (Connectivity/Inbound Routes)

I understand is called DID “Direct Inward Dialing Number”


At this time I did it in a way that the numbers come directly from inside the house special … here’s how:

I modified extensions_custom.conf

adding this context that then goes tied to the trunk of course:

exten => 018XXXX050,1, Goto (from-trunk, $ {CUT (CUT (SIP_HEADER (To), @, 1),:, 2)}, 1)

  • == End of [custom-get-did-from-sip] == -;

Now the point is how to release an extension with a certain number of DID

Sorry I am not an Asterisk config file wizard :wink:

If you’re doing this with FreePBX, I believe you need the Extension Routes module (from the Sangoma/FreePBX commercial repository), (http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Extension+Routing) - you need to define one DID per inward route and then point it to the destination - which can be an extension (http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Extension+Routing-Admin+Guide) (*note on FPBX12 it looks a tad different)

In Other Words:

  • set up your trunk(ing) without DID
  • set up an inward router per did, with input from the trunk, and output to extension or whatever destination you wish to use (I have e.g. queue) (it’s single destination per route here* so a queue or ring group is handy too)