I had externhost= and change to externip= but no incoming calls pass thru, what could be wrong?

this is weird

I have set my sip confs to work with

at first this didnt work. because incoming calls to my trunks can not pass thru
then I read that I need to add a line in etc/hosts mydynamic.noip.com
then it begin to work for incoming calls. but the one side audio problem still happened. from external extensions

then I read that externip= was better that externhost= to avoid one side audio problem

I tried to put externip=xx.x.x.x fromdomain=mydynamic.noip.com but now the incoming calls to my trunks dont pass thru

why could this behavor???

note. I properly did portforwarding rtp 10001-20000 and 5060 to 5070 to my pbx box

thanks in advance

You use either externip or extenhost not both.

I use only 1 first externhost then remove it an use externip, I never use both at same time

Some firewalls do NAT and PAT (port address translation) which screws up the RTP port numbers. If it is a firewall causing your one way audio. Here’s a webpage that talks about slipping sip past the firewall.