I deleted nodejs and I'm not sure I reinstalled it properly - FreePBX 14

So, I did something a little stupid. I was having problems accessing ucp. I would get the ‘Error: xhr poll error’ in the red bar at the top. I found a few forum posts that suggested following these instructions:

yum remove nodejs
yum remove npm
yum install nodejs
fwconsole ma uninstall ucpnode
fwconsole ma remove ucpnode
fwconsole ma download ucpnode
fwconsole ma install ucpnode

When I ran the command to remove nodejs, it worked fine, and told me it was a dependency for a couple modules. I figured it would reconnect to those modules when I reinstalled it.

I then tried to remove npm, and it told me that I didn’t have npm.

I continued and reinstalled nodejs. But the file size was smaller. I decided to see if it was listed as a dependency for the modules (I think one of them was FreePBX), and this time it wasn’t.

I then tried to uninstall ucpnode, and that didn’t work either.

Pretty much, do I need to worry about nodejs and that it doesn’t appear to be a dependency for those other modules?

And on top of that, UCP seems to be working now. I’m not sure what changed…

I’m not sure if this is related, but now when I restart the system, asterisk won’t start automatically. But if I run ‘fwconsole restart’ manually, it seems to start and work fine. Any ideas?

It’s been a while, but I haven’t found a resolution to this problem. I really need something to work off of, or else I’m probably going to have to reset the whole system.