I can't hear the tone when I'm making an outgoing call

Hi, I have Asterisk Ver. 11.5.1 with FreePBX 2.11.0 my issue is that when I’m making an outgoing call I can’t hear the phone tone but the call is working if the person that I’m calling answer the call I can hear him just perfect and he can hear me but the problem is that wile he didn’t answer the call i didn’t hear any tone

What type of trunks are you using? SIP?

I forgot to tell that that issue happen just with some numbers and some numbers works just fine

yes I’m Using a SIP trunk, and a DADI trnuk, but the trunk wich I’m having the issue is the SIP one

The problem is most likely with you SIP provider or one of their upstream providers.

so do you think that my PBX is not the problem?