I can't hear anything from Trixbox

Hello Dears

I was using [email protected] 2.8 and I recently installed Trixbox 1.2.3. My problem is when I dial *97 *98 etc…(Feature Codes) Handset says connected but I do not hear anything. That was working on [email protected] 2.8 and I was able to hear operator’s voice. Any idea?

Thank you all

Have you checked if the Features Code module is installed? How about reinstalling the module?

Yes I did check and reinstalled again but no luck :frowning: I even reinstalled trixbox

Trixbox breaks frequently when it comes to upgrade. Sometime sounds are not installed. You may want to try installing the asterisk-sounds module.

rpm -i --force /var/trixbox_load/rpms/asterisk-sounds-1.2.1-1.noarch.rpm

Sorry for the trouble but I did that also but it did’nt work. I deleted Trixbox 1.2.3 and installed [email protected] 2.8 again. I am facing the same problem no voice :slight_smile: That is strange though :slight_smile:

OK well how about telling us the phone you are using the codec 's you are allowing

Are u on the same LAN or is this across the inet.

Is there a firewall install on the Server or is there a firewall between u and the server

LOGS ???

Help us help u

TB / AAH works (OK so something maybe but things like SOUNDS) so if you something does not work for YOU the first place to look is at everything else that is NOT Asterisk / TB / Freepbx


Letme give you guys more details about the problem I was facing with. I had [email protected] 2.8 and it was working well so then I wanted to install Trixbox 1.2.3. After Trixbox clean installation I could not hear the operator’s voice. I played on it but I could not get it on. Afterwards I made clean install again for [email protected] 2.8. and Sounds did not work again and then I did final [email protected] 2.8 clean install and it worked.
my server is : Dell dual proc. 512mb
There is cisco Pix firewall in the company but my handsets and server is in the same network and behind of the firewall.