I cant get the IVR to work with an incoming line

Hello Everyone

I am pretty new to Freepbx.
I am currently having issue with my setup. I installed a Fxo/Fxs card into my system. I have the phone line from telco. in plugged into the fxo port and I have the analog phone plugged in to the card as well in the FXS port. I can get calls to come through card to the phone but i cant get the call to go to the IVR before it arrives at the phone. I set up a DAHDI trunk line to which i have it go to the IVR destination but for some reason it wont play. I just bypass it and goes straight to the phone. Let me know if you guys need anymore information. I will try to get back to you as fast as i can

You need to check “Signal Ringing” on the incoming route.

Thanks for the help Bstocks but unfortunately it didn’t work. For some reason the Dahdi config screen i see the card as a FXO but it will not show as a FXS. I am thinking that might be the problem.