I can't call between two ip-phone

Hi all,
This is my first posy:)
I do these steps:

  1. I installed Freepbx on two qemues and config them.
  2. I installed pjsua on each qemu.
  3. I change asterisk port in /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf by adding bindport=5061 in qemu1 and bindport=5062 in qemu2
  4. I changed port in extensions from 5060 to 5033 and 5034 for pbx2.
  5. I run pjsua on two qemu


  1. ip-phone 2 is not active!
  2. I can’t call from qemu1 to qemu2.

my topology is in gns3:

Thanks all for your help