I can't acces my voicemail box

When i try with *97, and then 0514#, that is my case. it sais that “Login incorrect, password”

That was running fine, i don’t know what happens.

I was using 2,4, and then i upgrade to 2,5. I don’t know if this can be the issue.

Can somebody helpme?

Check the bottom of your voicemail.conf make sure that the password corresponds the the extension…

Double check in your extension settings in Freepbx to make sure this matches.

The password of all my extension are a “0” (cero) + extensions.

I don’t think the problem is there.

Any other idea?

Look in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/ and see if there’s a folder for your extensions. Look in there to see if there are recordings you can’t access or to which you are not being alerted. If so, you have a permissions issue where asterisk is not the owner of the files or folder.

I appreciated your help my friend, but this is not the problem. For the console i can acces to the folder, there is not problem with the permissions.

i can see and hear the voice mail with the panel “RECORDING” ==>

I put the extensions, and the password, and is running fine, but from the phone, i can’t acces to my voicemail box.