I can not use Voicemail - Error

I have FreePBX (migrate FreePBX -> FreePBX 12 -> FreePBX 13 )

I create new extension “Quick Create Extension”:
Step 1
Type: Chan_Sip
Extension Number: 7103
Display Name: Yarz Vi

Step 2
Enable Find Me/Follow Me: No
Create User Manager User: No

If I select Enable Voicemail:Yes, I get an error: Whoops\Exception\ErrorException
symlink(): No such file or directory
How to fix this problem ?
Reinstalling the “Voicemail” module did not fix the error.

The \ var \ spool \ asterisk \ voicemail \ folder did not contain the “device” folder. The folder was added, the permissions on the directory were fixed-the problem was solved

Sounds like a bug - the Issues tab is your friend. Someone else today is having a related problem, perhaps you could work together.