I Can Not Make and Receive Calls on Freepbx 15

I am trying to call 08127738594

Thank you for looking through my paste, so all i need to do is create a pjsip trunk instead?

Post the dialing pattern of the outbound route

Those are the only dial patterns I have setup on the outbound route above in the screenshot 2.

Those dial patterns don’t allow numbers with a starting 0, because they have an N. Use all Xs.

I did this and it didnt still call out.

I created a pjsip trunk and nothing changed, I am now extremely confused.

This was the call trace after I did that

Post a call log

Here is the call log/trace on pastebin


That’s an inbound call not an outbound.

Anyway, for the inbound call, it seems it is going to a queue. Try directing it to an extension so you can avoid any queue misconfiguration.

Paste an outbound call so we can see what is happening.

So sorry about that, here is a call log for outgoing.

I will direct the call to extensions to see how it goes and post the log too.

So you are trying to dial a number with 11 digits. Delete all patterns from your current outbound route and create only one pattern with 11 Xs like this XXXXXXXXXXX

That pattern should match any 11 digits number

Try with that pattern

Use a pattern that can match numbers of variable length, such as
(Note the dot at the end.)


Wow you are such a genius @arielgrin
it is now calling out!!
I appreciate you so much.

Who would have known.

Can we move to the inbound calls now?

Thank you, it worked fine.

Great you got outbound working. Remember that the pattern with 11Xs will exclusively match 11 digits numbers.

Regarding inbound, have you tried directing the call to an extension instead of a queue?

Yes I did this and this is the call log.


Your inbound route still points to some kind of queue.
Delete the inbound route and create a new inbound route. Don’t modify anything on the new route, just set the destination to a real extension that it is actually connected and registered and try again.
It seems that there is an extension 209 that is not currently registered but you are trying to send the call to that extension.

You are truly the man, it rang on the extension and here is the call log

But I really wanted it to ring on all the 30 extensions I have setup, what do I do?