I can not install core through fwconsole

When I try to run fwconsole ma install core, i get the following error: [Exception]
Unknown Error Code 42000, Message SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access
violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

I tried to install core because the system would not reload, with an error of 255 but no explanation. There was also a cronmanager error. I yum updated, and got more errors and was advised by the system to install the core through fwconsole. My core and framework grep is:

| core | | Disabled; Pending upgrade to | GPLv3+ |
| framework | | Enabled

The system is not working (it has been active for a couple of years. No calls, no web GUI, just putty and Winscp.

The error comes after "Checking if trunk migration required. My system is non functional now.

With Dicko’s help, Using the Exception Trace, I found that the installer created a new table for trunks. That new table was creating the error. I changed the SQL statement to create the Channelid to VARCHAR(40) and it finished the install, creating the table without the error. Now the PBX is functional and processes calls.

I still have my original problem that the fwconsole wont reload because of a 255 error in Calendar.class.php. There is a call to undefined method getTimeZone. But I will look into that next week.

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