I can call out on T1 (e&m wink) but cannot receive calls

I just installed AsteriskNow (1.5.0) with FreePBX ( I have a Digium TE412p board installed with a T1 (e&m wink) on port 1.
I have one extension set up (6007)
I have one inbound route set up: no DID, no CID dest: ext 6007

When I dial out the call places just fine.
When I call in (four digit dial 6007) I get the tri tone with the message :
" The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check …"

The log file (/var/log/asterisk/full) has these lines:

– Starting simple switch on ‘DAHDI/20-1’
== Unknown extension ‘6’ in context ‘incoming’ requested
– <DAHDI/20-1> Playing ‘ss-noservice’ (language ‘en’)
– Hungup ‘DAHDI/20-1’

Any ideas?

Never mind I fixed it myself… channels_Dahdi file 07/16/09