I appear to have locked myself out of the PBX after IP change


I was doing some VLAN changes on my network and needed to assign a new IP address to my PBX. I did this through the GUI (which I am thinking was a mistake and I was supposed to use CLI) but the IP change did not seem to work. It also seems to have broken the previous IP address the PBX was on as well. So I am unable to ping the device on either of the IPs. I tried connecting an HDMI cable to the Mac Pro (I know) that I installed this on but I am not getting any display on the monitor. With no display and no networking I am not sure how I might be able to get into this thing.

Is there something that I am missing to get this HDMI display working? Backlight on the monitor turns on but I am not seeing any display besides that.

If you have the IP you may be able to try getting it into safe mode by rebooting twice. https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Safe+Mode

Then try accessing the IP(s).

No dice unfortunately :frowning:

I got a USB drive set up with the FreePBX installer and was able to boot into it and access cli through recovery mode. I changed some network settings from the CLI, was able to ping the interface and rebooted. Booting back into the USB to verify that the settings stuck it took me to the GUI installation page as if I was installing it new for some reason (didn’t select any of the options). I decided to sit there and see if any network settings popped up in the list of settings since I noticed the message in the bottom right that said “don’t worry we won’t touch your drives until you press next.” That works well up until the installation automatically clicks next for you without any interaction and then breaks your boot drive. Recovery mode again and it is unable to find any linux partitions.

Fun stuff…

Try adding efibootmgr to your USB bootable drive to repair or delete your ‘efi boot (esp partition)’ on the various ‘candidate drives’ (I don’t believe that Mac’s have a usable tty, just a gooey view on it)

Thanks for the advice, but I already started a new installation of FreePBX after trying a few things to get the boot drive back and getting frustrated that I wasn’t having any luck. Going to have to configure this thing fresh as I wasn’t properly backing it up.

Lesson learned on that one.

I suggest you wipe the disk completely by writing a new GPT boot partition (parted or gdisk), removing a broken esp partition on a system is not always trivial.

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