I am mildly peeved

I’ve spent a reasonable chunk of time over the last few days helping out someone who’s trying to get an installer for FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi. It’s something I’ve always been interested in (low-powered computing) too. But the person in question was refusing to do basic things (eg, update his out of date web browser, or install an alternative), and ended up storming off in a huff calling me abusive

Rob, if this is a joke to you, have a good laugh. None of this is worth your abusiveness to me. Goodbye.

(That was a response to me saying “Google Chrome - Download the Fast, Secure Browser from Google - just do it. seriously. This is beyond a joke”)

I’m peeved at that because I do my best to NOT be abusive. And before anyone jumps onto me saying that I’m quoting out of context, all our IRC channel logs are public and searchable because sometimes people ARE abusive, and we don’t want that to happen.

Anyway. Being that this guy has, apparently, given up on getting FreePBX 13 to work on the Pi, it appears that I must take up the gauntlet myself. I dug around and found THIS!

That right there is a Pi. My next mission was to find a SD card. Which I did. Which lead to this

Which means that I have a small project to play with tonight!

I’ll post an update later with the results. Please note that this is a 100% unofficial, me doing this on my own time, totally unsupported, random-guy-on-the-internet project. Don’t come talking to anyone except for me if you have problems with it. You have been warned!

More to come :sunglasses:

Edit 1: Turns out I stole one of my wifes SD cards for her camera. Whoops.


Just an FYI, FWIW, I used the raspbx-22-02-2015 image, and was able to get most all modules, (except sysadmin), working and it works pretty darn well on the Pi 2 Model B. I was able to get it up to 6.12.65-26, as I recall, by restoring a backup from my 6.12.65-28.

Didn’t do or try a full install on wheezy, but still pretty amazaing.

It was fun.


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You will never get “commercial modules” working on PI’s the hardware is NOT supported. Otherwise , yes it works fine on Wheezy, Jessie is a little more problematic . . . .

Post 2! I have managed to find enough bits to plug the Pi in, turn it on, and actually get it on the network. I’m considering this a good sign, and maybe I’ll have a scotch.

I did mention this is totally unrelated to anything, right? I’m just a guy. With a scotch. Messing with a Pi. Mmmm, pie.

Edit 1: Ahha. So Wheezy has asterisk-1.8, which is no good. This then lead me to ‘Surely someone has packaged a recent asterisk version so I don’t need to compile it?’ which lead me on my FIRST google search to Downloads | Asterisk for Raspberry Pi … I now feel unusually foolish. Let’s reinstall and start again.

Edit 2: This download is taking AGES. Sigh. Cross compiling it is.

Edit 3: I finish setting up the Cross-compile and the download finishes. I want pjsip anyway, so a crosscompile it is.

Edit 4: So, I messed around for a bit and realised that asterisk doesn’t like being cross compiled. While I was fixing that, I actually started a compile ON the Pi. I’m still not sure which one’s going to win. I’m ALMOST at menuselect in the crosscompile environment.

One of these days I will find some time to get FreePBX running on…


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That’s just an x86_64 device though, isn’t it? So it’s trivial. I’d suggest you follow the Debian 8.1 instructions I finished yesterday, as I really liked 8.1. It felt really REALLY responsive.

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So I had a couple of scotches last night and then got distracted, but I currently have a complete build of Asterisk 13.4 with PJSIP for the Pi. I haven’t tested it, but it seems to be for the correct CPU and everything. I’ll copy it across to the Pi later.

I expect I’ll just publish a .tgz that people can extract to the root of their Pi that has all the required bits in it to get asterisk up to date, and then they can just do a normal FreePBX install.

(The current FreePBX install instructions, once you have the prerequisites installed, is pretty much just ‘./install -n’ which makes things nice and easy for everyone!)

I like where this is going. I also am a big fan of the Raspberry Pi. I did look at going down the Pi route but found a lack of pstn hardware so couldn’t go down this route just yet.

Yeah, I wouldn’t try to put any hardware (even USB) into a Pi. Especially when something like a PAP2 has more CPU power than Pi :sunglasses:

I will finish this off this weekend. I promise not to drink half a bottle of scotch this time :sunglasses:

Haha bottle of scotch is cool, celebratory of course :smile:

Dammit. I’ve just been reminded by my lovely wife that we’re actually going to a Wedding this weekend in Brisbane. (550-odd-km south of where I am). So I won’t be messing with it too much. But it’s still sitting here looking at me accusingly!

Wives are great for that aren’t they?! I’m off to Cornwall in the early hours of Saturday morning for 2 weeks. Little does she know I will be taking my laptop to carry on with a little work from time to time! I wanted to set up a Pi in the caravan as a media player, mainly music, complete with touchscreen, but I’ve run out of time again!! I might take it with me but unlikely to have a decent wireless connection for downloading images etc :frowning: