I am looking for an alternative to HUD3 or a companion to iSymphony

I am looking for a desktop client that works with ASTERISK/FREEPBX that will give me control of my SIP deskphone. I need the same features as iSymphony has but with the addition of a directory and Outlook intergration.
I know HUD 3.5 does it, and so does Bicom systems new version of GlooCom (You need their PBX though

I need it to work on a Windows7 (64bit) platform! I was thinking I could use iSymphony with Outcall but Outcall has issues with a 64bit environment and is not being updated anymore.

I as many of the following features as I can get:

Call notification
Visual Voicemail with built in audio player
Call control functions: hang up, conference, initiate, redial, …
Outlook directory intergration
Directory, click to dial
Outlook, click to dial
Presance; in, out, unavailable…
Call History

EASY to use interface with not a huge amount of screen real estate used.

Sorry, Such a client does not yet exist. for 8123 reasons. Fell free however to write one, it’s all open source apart from windoze

Out of all the options in the eather, their has to be a solution!!!

If I use iSymphany. All I need is a plug-in for Outlook with a directory sync solution the is 64 bit compatable. Anyone know if something like this exists?

I cant be the only one looking for something like this! This is a common issue I am sure.


FOP2 comes close but in reality nobody cares to write any code against the M$ hegemony and indeed it’s closed source and moving target. Many have tried but all have run into that Redmond brick wall.

Would you in fact pay for anything you ask? If so then buy it from Microsoft they sell their own VOIP solution at an exorbitant price.

www.1cti.com has something called Commlink Lite for Asterisk and it looks awsome but it it doesnt support Outlook 2010 64 bit

Also, Bicom is coming out with a new version of Glocom that will do it all but it only works with their PBX product!

You will find an eternity of promises and most will be broken when it comes to M$, but dream on, maybe one day over the rainbow :wink:

Xtelsio has a reasonably priced plug in. I think it works on 2010 64 because II believe that is what I run. WOn’t be back till MMonday to check

Either Xtelsio of another TAPI based system that links with Asterisk will provide integration with MS Windows based applications like Outlook so something like that might provide part of the solution. AstTapi used to be quite commonly used but seems to have been less popular and not maintained currently. There are others if you do a bit of a google search for Asterisk TAPI though.