I am a beginner need help to set up a IVR facilty to secure a login of a website that i am developing

Is it possible to create website which has the following to secure the login as he enters the user name and password the following steps occur

  1. User visits verification web page and enters phone number.
  2. Random verification code is generated and user is called and prompted to enter code.
  3. If code is entered incorrectly, re-prompt to enter code.
  4. If code is entered correctly, update database.
  5. Update web page with status message.
    how do we integrate it with php.

FreePBX uses the Asterisk telephony engine that supports many program interfaces via the Asterisk Gateway Interface.

AGI-PHP sounds like what you are looking for.

I would pick up a copy of the book “Asterisk the Future of Telephony” to start your discovery.

Thank you will surely look through that.