Hi all,
I have setup a new install of freepbx on a hyper-v server. I have restored the backup from my physical server onto it. Everything looks fine and all my settings are in there. I powered down the physical server and changed the ip address of the virtual server to be the same as the old server. Once I done this I can no longer access the internet from the virtual server. I can still access the gui but sip trunks will not register and if I ssh into the box I cannot ping google.com.

If I change the ip address to anything other then what the original ip address was everything works.

Question is how can I use the original ip address with the new virtual server. Please help if you can.

You may have to install the tools (drivers) on the virtual box in order for it to recognize the virtual lan adaptor. Another thing maybe that your configuration for the ethernet port may contain the mac address and of course that won’t match the virtual ethernet’s mac address.

Hope that helps…

Hi thanks for the help, the virtual nic is being recognized. The original ip address was, if I assign any other address in the range - it will work except for the address that I need to use I looked in system admin, in networking and the mac address is blank in there.