Hylafax+, IAXModem, & PRI


I have been using Hylafax+ and IAXModem for years on FreePBX/Asterisk systems to send faxes over a PRI. It’s worked very well. The last system that I put in was using the FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-64bit (FreePBX 13, Linux 6.6, and Asterisk 13).

Now I am trying to get this setup to work with the latest FreePBX Distro (running Sangoma Linux 7.5, Asterisk 13, IAXModem 1.3.0, hylafax±client-5.6.0-1.el7.x86_64, and hylafax±5.6.0-1.el7.x86_64). When I try to send a fax I get messages like “no response to pps repeated 3 times” or “COMREC invalid response received to PPS”.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this? I’d certainly be glad for any input!

Thanks! Dave

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